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projektion 006 :: projekt soundsystem

hit the jump for more info including a direct link and full tracklisting of this set.

the sixth installment of projektion is an exclusive 3+ hour mix by the hosts themselves… projekt soundsystem. similar to their signature live DJ sets, projekt soundsystem’s vast appreciation for cutting edge techno and house music is sure to seamlessly cover all grounds. this time in particluar, the trio’s concoction slips into your head, swirls some things around a bit, and leaves it all tastefully disheveled. this journey of a soundtrack from the domes of screendoor, dela, and sir fice is a humble introduction to the sound of projekt… the sound of techno now. enjoy.

[click here for direct download]


01. kit clayton – purpakana [~scape]
02. let’s go outside – exercise for snails [slant records]
03. STL – silent state [smallville records]
04. robert dietz – the sorrow [deep vibes recordings]
05. STL – purple saturn days [perlon]
06. marcel knopf – plomosis [rygular]
07. dj koze – mrs bojangels [circus company]
08. jug – the difficult word [autoreply music]
09. roswell return – IFTODEX C0001 (SD remix) [SD records]
10. remerge – (burial vs. basic channel) arch trak [remerge records]
11. STP – the fall (peverelist remix) [subsolo records]
12. wireman – armour [prime numbers]
13. jpls + ambivalent – backstab [minus]
14. matt star – supabass [international freakshow]
15. james unk – question [lessizmore]
16. ekkohaus – sink with me in the love tube [safari electronique]
17. leon + greenbaum + EKE – incoming trolls [igloo]
18. EKE – little machine [igloo]
19. technii – na proigrysh (easy changes remix) [igloo]
20. pablo denegri – B&W (qik remix) [igloo]
21. lega + maxeen – base & paste (EKE remix) [igloo]
22. spektre – Hydra (ahmet sendil remix) [weave music]
23. hans bouffmyhre – turn on [viva music]
24. fabrizio maurizi – i don’t mind (JPLS remix) [minus]
25. pan-pot – confronted [mobilee]
26. ander plau – too young to die (Stefano Lotti Remix) [selected records]
27. sarah goldfarb – panenka [toys for boys]
28. mark henning – jilted love (tim Xavier remix) [clink Music]
29. mikael stavostrand – spaceflake (pablos mix) [sounderground]
30. rozzo – muramasa [tsuba]
31. nima gorji – berliner [welt recordings]
32. tom ellis – PPP (leif remix) [telegraph]
33. jens zimmermann – x12 [resopal schallware]
34. emerson todd – my little friend [WCIP]
35. queen atom – refuse greed [dumb unit]
36. size – koebel (nihad tule remix) [truesoul]
37. hans bouffmyhre – turn off [viva music]
38. pan-pot – diamond heads [mobilee]

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